Bead & Button Wedding Bouquets

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Beautiful Bead & Button Wedding Bouquet’sLA Bouquet (2)


Looking for something a little bit different for your special day?? Why not try our bead and Button Wedding Bouquets for you and your bridesmaids?? We will work with you to create the perfect Bead and Button Wedding Bouquets that fit exactly with your wedding theme and colour scheme. Our Bead and Button Bouquets offer real value for money when compared to flowers and unlike flowers they last forever and look stunning framed or mounted giving you a unique keepsake from the happiest day of your life. We can also incorporate special items that mean something to you like Grandmas brooch etc. making your special day even more special.

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  1. Hi we saw some of this work at the Newmarket wedding show and loved them, we are just wondering how much roughly you charge for a medium size bridesmaid.
    thanks annaliese

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